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Going through kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation is a big step in upgrading your home. While you may be thinking of resale value, be sure to think of what YOU want in your new kitchen. You have heard your friends, or on TV remodeling shows, talk about getting the “kitchen of their dreams”. Now it is your turn. It is time for you to pick out the kitchen cabinets, the backsplash, the countertops and more that will truly make your custom kitchen the working, cooking, entertaining space that you are looking for.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen modern vintage rangeKitchen remodeling isn’t for the faint hearted. But we promise it’s worth it! You have probably heard some horror stories about projects taking longer, or costing more, than they were supposed to. The best way to avoid a negative experience is to make sure you start with the right kitchen remodeling contractor. We like to think we have a great start with kitchen design because we are trained carpenters. We see a kitchen design that starts modular. After getting the initial design, we can map out the rest including electricity and plumbing.

So, what is your kitchen going to look like? There are no limits these days so make sure you get all that you need! Storage? Seating? High end appliances? There is a way to fit it all in. Bring us your top wants and needs and we will get them done. We can come out for a free consultation and bring some of the most popular styles with us for you to see, touch and feel.

Custom Kitchens and Kitchen Cabinets

At Barden Home Builders there is something we pride ourselves on – the kitchen cabinets that are an essential part of custom kitchens. Kitchens of older homes don’t always reflect what today’s homeowners need in storage, seating and functionality. You can never underestimate the amount of storage you’ll need, who is wandering into the kitchen and how to fix all the things about your current kitchen that frustrate you.

We have worked with many different homeowners throughout the Flagstaff area including Bellemont, Mountainaire, Kachina Village, and Winona, AZ. If you have a problem with your current kitchen you would like to fix, let us know and we’ll help you find the solution through a great kitchen renovation. We have many different suggestions for custom kitchens that will solve all your problems. And, as a contractor with a carpentry background, we love to find problems to unique situations. Call us today for a brand new kitchen that fits your budget!

Cost vs. Value

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