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Bill Koning

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Please rate your overall experience with working with us.


Please rate how easy it was to communicate with us when you had questions.


Barden’s Builder Trend management program provides a daily insight into the project.  From daily progress photos to construction issues that need clarification or input not only from the subcontractors and vendors but also from the owners.

Please rate our ability to keep you informed on the status of your project.


How would you rate the professionalism of our staff?


Please rate the cleanliness of the work site throughout the project.


How would you rate our ability to keep everything organized for you throughout the project?


Please rate the level of craftsmanship you feel went into your project.


Barden Home Builders is truly an “old school” builder. The level of craftsmanship is the highest of any contractor working in the Highland Meadows development. I have enjoyed a 40-year career in the commercial and industrial segment of construction.  Quality of the end product is paramount and Barden was first and only choice for our project. We were certainly not disappointed, and Barden exceeded our expectations in all areas.

Please rate our ability to stay on the projected schedule for your project.


Please rate the overall quality and value of your finished project.


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Open Response

First and foremost was quality and workmanship but also project coordination and communication were also key factors. Trust was probably the most important criterion. When we interviewed prospective contractors for our project, we knew immediately Aaron Richards was our builder. His knowledge of construction and site details was superb and his integrity was solid. The communication between everyone involved was always open confirming we certainly had made the right choice.

This point is probably the most difficult in which to respond. There’s really nothing that I could suggest because Barden addressed any and all issues as they became known.

I have no negative comments. The relationship was excellent and communication was always open before, during and after the project .

I fully enjoyed interacting with all the men and women that came together to effect the build of our project. The normal issues that come up during any construction project were never treated as something that was a nuisance or insurmountable. The professionalism with which these issues were handled was always completely positive and solved in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The coordination and interaction with Aaron during the concept and design phase of our project was invaluable. His experience building in our area and climate guided us to select materials that suited our home which is extremely important. His recommendations often saved on the cost of purchasing better material with greater longevity. Even before we started construction we developed a great working relationship with the various trades and the men and women in the employ of Barden Home Builders that made the build a pleasurable experience. I have over forty years experience in large commercial and industrial construction projects and I was really pleased with the quality of people that Barden chose to work on our project. My wife took an active role in various divisions of scope. Barden’s staff and that of the subcontractors made certain that she was informed of the numerous details needed to be considered when making the final decisions. The respect we have for the entire team and the respect shown to us was a major component in achieving a successful result.

Shortly after our home was completed we acquired an adjoining lot and once again contracted with Barden Home Builders. The tremendous working relationship we enjoyed on the first phase was extremely important in the design and construction of the second phase of work, a RV garage. The challenges we encountered on phase two were significant due to the Covid pandemic disrupting supply chains and causing large cost increases on literally every major material needed. This is where Aaron’s insight became invaluable once again in guiding us to what materials should be purchased early attempting to mitigate the rising costs. Aaron’s relationships with his vendors and suppliers was the absolute key to the success of the project in both timely delivery and holding down the raging cost increases that were truly threatening the completion. In the end the impact of the supply and cost issues was held to a level that was far less than we anticipated thanks to Aaron’s navigation of the problem.

In closing I would say that our experience with Aaron Richards and his team at Barden Home Builders was exactly what we hoped for and they exceeded our expectations in every way, and that is truly an achievement because our expectations were very high.